A Lit Mag is Born


Cherise, Rachel and Anastasia met in graduate school and all felt a need to contribute their skills to helping to highlight amazing unpublished voices. We are located in New York and London. 



Anastasia is an artist based in NYC working in publishing and freelancing as an illustrator and designer. You can see her artistic escapades on her #profesh instagram @illustrut

Anastasia is spent her early years in Serbia and migrated to the Chicago suburbs in the 90's. She received a BA in Studio Art and English with a focus in race and ethnic studies from St. Olaf College in Minnesota. She also has a Master of Arts in Publishing from the University College London. Anastasia is an avid traveler and voracious reader. You're most likely to find her haunting Bluestockings bookstore in NYC

cherise lopes-baker

Cherise is a biracial editor/activist/writer based in London and California. She has earned a Law degree from Durham University, with a focus on international human rights, and a Masters in Publishing degree from UCL, with a focus on diversity in children’s literature. She currently works as a Commissioning Fiction Editor and loves to spend her free time charcoaling portraits, twanging banjos, swerving longboards, and defending the literary value of puns.

rachel mazza

Rachel is a 2015 MA Graduate of University college of London and currently lives, and works in publishing, in New York City. She loves exploring the world, spooky things, art of all kinds and writing her senators to persuade them to vote against corrupt health care bills.